Interior Design is a subject based on two core ideas, Aesthetics & Functionality, we at the firm make effort to cater to the two ideas to try and achieve the client goal. The firm offers a complete range of services for the planning, design, and delivery of a said space. We consult with the clients to derive a working strategy, Material selection is all based on achieving an innovative environment which accurately reflects the “business requirements” “company values” “brand identity” or may it be "Lifestyle".

  • Space planning
  • Conceptual design
  • Interior branding
  • Design development
  • Material selection
  • 3D Perspectives
  • Service co-ordination


At AUK DESIGN STUDIO, we derive solutions that help deliver high quality interior and architectural projects faster and at a competitive cost.We combine factors like design, project management, construction and technology, thereby benefiting the customers with a single point of contact. We focus on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance, accelerating project delivery. Our Studio's design and build services also offer pre-construction services through full turnkey design and construction management through the following services.

  • Estimating
  • Program Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Design documentation
  • Site Study
  • Contracting Strategies
  • Construction Administration and Management


The strategic Planning team at the firm helps the client to evaluate space options and make decisions that help reorganize the space in tandem with their business objectives. This is achieved by either reorganizing of existing facility or relocating to a new one. All this transitions are carried out based on the study of the available space, client needs, and existing market conditions done through target interviews, surveys and financial analysis. This data is then analysed and compiled into recommendations which are made to the customer to help them realize their business objectives.

  • Programming/ Planning/ Feasibility analysis
  • Blocking studies
  • Customer interviews to identify space needs
  • Costing Analysis
  • Move versus stay options
  • New work patterns like hot desking
  • Space & storage utilization studies
  • Furniture inventory


AUK DESIGN STUDIO strongly believes in giving a complete solution to their client. Art and Graphics is an integral part that any project can’t do without. We work closely to identify the client nature, his persona, the purpose of the owned space and suggest works of artist to fit the need. The organisation believes in investing its knowledge in the form of small but intricate elements may it be as small as the nameplates on the door to as big as the branding or corporate identity of a firm.